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All the posts from the You Think Too Much! blog

Small Groups, Big Rewards

Utilizing a Chamber Music Segment in your School Music Program Last January, I attended the IMEA Professional Development Conferencein Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Although I arrived late, I picked up several good ideas from two teachers from the Carmel High School Orchestra program. This is a summary of the handout they … Continue reading

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Large Print John and Romans

Several years ago I tried to help one of the men in our church who ministers to people in nursing home facilities find some large print Scriptures for the residents to read. We found that all the Bibles that say they are “large” or “giant” print aren’t really that large … Continue reading

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A Different Percussion Approach

A Different Approach to Percussion Instruction by Aaron Griesser I attended this workshop at the Indiana MEA Development Conference last January. Aaron works in aMishawakaarea public school where they have a very large number of percussionists in the school band programs. It was interesting to see the response others had … Continue reading

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Athletics and Sports in Your Family

I recently found these notes from a practical talk I gave a long time ago. Scripture Colossians 3:17, 23And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him….and whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, … Continue reading

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Ignoring Chapters

It is very important when reading the Bible to ignore the chapters. When God gave us the Scriptures, he didn’t give them in chapters. There are a few places where there are natural divisions….the Psalms is the most obvious. But they are not even called chapters (some preachers need to … Continue reading

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Franklin and the Constitution

We think now of the Constitution of the United States as foursquare and tough and flexible and enduring. We have lived under it all our lives. But in September 1787 the Constitution was a new and yet untried scheme of government. The men gathered in Independence Hall in Philadelphia had … Continue reading

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Thoughts on America

America was founded upon the principles of the Christian religion. Our founders were very careful not to establish a government controlled by any particular church, so you will read that some were careful to state that the new government was not a Christian government. Yet, they were surely influenced by … Continue reading

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Five Months Completed

Today I published the fifth month of my Two-year Reading Plan Bible. I am publishing the Bible on a monthly basis so that I can see some progress on this project. At the same time, I am working on the Even Year volume to be followed by the Odd Year … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music Resources

From time to time, people contact me to get help finding music for their school or church instrumental musicians. When I became the band and orchestra conductor at Fairhaven Baptist Church, I “inherited” a very large library of academic and sacred music for soloists, small groups, ensembles, and full band … Continue reading

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Baptists and Reformation Day

This was originally posted on Facebook. It went a lot farther than I wanted, but it started what I think is a good conversation. I think it’s a conversation that should be had, but this is a better place than Facebook to have it. So, I am going to paste … Continue reading

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