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Large Print John and Romans

Several years ago I tried to help one of the men in our church who ministers to people in nursing home facilities find some large print Scriptures for the residents to read. We found that all the Bibles that say they are “large” or “giant” print aren’t really that large … Continue reading

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What About Those Means?

Throughout time there has often or always been a school of thought that could be represented by the phrase “the end justifies the means.” To anyone who loves the truth, this repulsive and to be avoided at any cost. Lately, I’ve have been made aware of a philosophy that seems … Continue reading

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You know the old saying, “Throw a rock into a pack of dogs, and the one that howls is the one you’ve hit.”  There’s another one that has a similar theme, “If the shoe fits, wear it.” Well, after many no-so-veiled, impersonal, specific rocks have been thrown, I’m finally going … Continue reading

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College Accreditation

Dear Sir: In the past, our college has enjoyed a relationship with your college through transfer of credit and degree acceptance.  Recently, many independent, fundamental educational institutions have applied for accreditation with the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.  Institutions seek accreditation for various reasons including love of money, … Continue reading

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This May be Offensive

I am starting work on a gospel tract idea. This is a work in progress. I hope to be able to print a manageable size tract to pass out and possibly expand into an ebook of some type. My premise is that the gospel is offensive to human nature. If … Continue reading

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Spurgeon on Bribing Kids to Sunday School

When John Pounds bribed an urchin with a hot potato to come and learn to read the Bible, I am sure John Pounds had no idea of all the Ragged schools in London, but there is a clear line of cause and effect in the whole matter. A hot potato … Continue reading

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I Can’t Help Myself, Please Forgive Me

Today I had an interesting experience.  One of the college secretaries forwarded to me an email that had been sent to two of our ‘generic’ college addresses but addressed to my dad, our pastor.  It’s common for me to answer questions that come indirectly to us, so I began to … Continue reading

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We’re SUPPOSED to be Different

Our Lord attracted sinners because He was different.  They drew near to Him because they felt that there was something different about Him. . . . And the world always expects us to be different. This idea that you are going to win people to the Christian faith by showing … Continue reading

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Preaching Rotation

The very best invention for promoting spiritual idleness must be the plan of acquiring a two or three years’ stock of sermons, and repeating them in order again and again.  As we, my brethren, hope to live for many years, if not for life, in one place, rooted to the … Continue reading

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Transposing Instruments

These are the “shortcuts” we use to help our instrumentalists play “straight from the hymnal.”  The half note is an example of what would be played while looking at the quarter note (the distinction is in pitch not duration). Bb Trumpets and Clarinets – instrumentalists should raise the note one … Continue reading

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