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I luv Chunks :)

Last Friday and Saturday, On January 12 & 13, I was able to attend the 2018 IMEA Educators Conference. Dozens of workshops and concerts were presented and I was able to attend many of them. I also walked through the Exhibitors Hall a few times and had conversations with a … Continue reading

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Small Groups, Big Rewards

Utilizing a Chamber Music Segment in your School Music Program Last January, I attended the IMEA Professional Development Conferencein Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Although I arrived late, I picked up several good ideas from two teachers from the Carmel High School Orchestra program. This is a summary of the handout they … Continue reading

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A Different Percussion Approach

A Different Approach to Percussion Instruction by Aaron Griesser I attended this workshop at the Indiana MEA Development Conference last January. Aaron works in aMishawakaarea public school where they have a very large number of percussionists in the school band programs. It was interesting to see the response others had … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music Resources

From time to time, people contact me to get help finding music for their school or church instrumental musicians. When I became the band and orchestra conductor at Fairhaven Baptist Church, I “inherited” a very large library of academic and sacred music for soloists, small groups, ensembles, and full band … Continue reading

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Instrumental Music Resources

Here’s a list of places to find music for your woodwind, brass, or string player, duet, trio, quartet, or ensemble.  Some of these listings also have band and orchestra arrangements. This is a continually developing list: Jantz Publications David E. Smith Publications Washington Music Lifeway Worship Music SoundForth Lillenas … Continue reading

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Christmas Concert 2008

Westminster Carol………………………………………………………………….. Orchestra The Sounds of Christmas Joy………………………………………………….. Orchestra I am truly happy to see all of you here and I extend a warm welcome to each of you. Tonight is our sixth annual Christmas concert, titled “The Glory of Christmas.” Beethoven’s ninth symphony ends with a much longer version … Continue reading

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Humility :)

Now, most of the time it’s not good to believe everything you say just because you’re the source of the information. But, sometimes it is good to listen to yourself. If you’d like the same good laugh that 800+ people enjoyed in church last night, take a listen to this.

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Word Has Meanings

All languages consist of individual parts that essentially have no moral value. The smallest parts even have no meaning: qwertyuiop, asdfghjkl, zxcvbnm. The meaning comes when you take the smallest parts (letters) and arrange them into words. This is a simple proposition that works to refute the idea that music … Continue reading

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Fleshing Out a Music Question

Terry McGovern asked a good question in the comments of my notes about a Christian and music. After I finished writing my response, I concluded that it was about as long as a whole post. So, I decided to put it on top. Terry, The melody/spiritual, harmony/intellectual, rhythm/physical argument about … Continue reading

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A Christian View of Music

“Do not say, ‘I know what I like,’ rather say, ‘I like what I know.’” Sports Music A question about music – What does it do? Communicates Verbal – Words Non-verbal Gestures Inflection Body language Music Communicates worship No religion is without its music

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